Danforth Restorative and DigitalSkills.Info

This is my personal blog, but it is also a place to share knowledge related to personal growth and social change. This post describes that relationship, and its connection to digitalskills.info where I share information related to developing digital skills.

A Personal Blog

One purpose of this blog is to provide a space to reflect upon my addictions recovery, and share resources I’ve found most valuable for rebuilding my life.

I will try to be vulnerable, and open up about some of my struggles.

One thing I’ve learned during this process is that focusing too much on my problems can get in the way of solving them. I’ve found it more productive to focus on developing strengths than to focus on my problems.

Its easy to get lost in self-judgement, the pain of remembrance, and dwelling on my failings. I’ve used that pain as a powerful incentive, devoting my energy to study, and the hard work of creating a life worth living.

That is a continual practice, working towards positive for myself and others – a slow incremental process that, little by little, has restored vibrancy to life – restructuring my thoughts, habits, hobbies and means of living.

Danforth Restorative

This blog is also a place to share valuable resources that have been valuable in my healing process. Part of that has been getting beyond my personal struggles, and joining in on the rallying cry around social issues I’ve stayed willfully ignorant about for too long.

I want to acknowledge the systemic problems of sexism and racism, and make the information surrounding them easier to navigate. This is for my own education, to make them more approachable for others, on the web.

It’s important to be aware of our personal and societal problems, but also to get practical, seeking creative ways to solve them. For me, that involves creative use of digital tools, and some techniques for sharing information that I’ve found to be effective.


Digital Skills A Force Multiplier

In addition to my personal studies, I’ve spent these years of recovery immersed in the challenge of developing marketable digital skills. I think for the first couple years, my research was a kind of replacement addiction.

While there can be some challenging repercussions for obsessive studying, overall it’s much better than drinking!

Drawing my focus on the multitude of challenges, technical and otherwise, of building a career online, I was able to find some relief from the initial agony of sobriety and facing my internal processes loud and clear, after years of dulling my senses in drink and drug.

That process has been very empowering, I got a taste for the impact one person can make on the web, simply making useful information more accessible. I’ve also gotten a taste for the powerful tools available on the web, and how they can multiply the impact that one person can create.

Digital skills, personal growth, social struggles, and transformative potential

The focus of DigitalSkills.Info is to help make digital skills more accessible. On one hand, they are increasingly required to be employable. On the other hand, these skills can prove invaluable for creating the social impact we want to see in the world.